Welcome to the Changing the World Summit!

Starting October 15 we will begin publishing the interviews, a new one each day through October 25th. Click the speaker’s photo below to access their page, including their interview recording, their bio and their contribution to the Changing the World Toolkit for our Ending Ocean Plastic fundraiser.

You can learn about our fundraiser and contribute to our cause below.


Julia Stege

Your Host and Founder of The Changing the World Summit and Magical Marketing Company.

Live October 15, 2018

Rich German

Founder of ProjectO,
Dedicated to protecting the ocean and the sacred life in it.

Live Oct 16, 2018

Shaun Frankson

Co-Founder of PlasticBank.org
Stopping Ocean Plastic by gathering a billion people together to monetize waste while improving lives.

Live Oct 16, 2018

Nancy Marmolejo

Founder T.A.G. Exploring the Intersection of Talent and Genius.

Live Oct 17, 2018

Baeth Davis

Palm Pilot for the Soul of Your Business™ Discover how our hands reveal our true purpose.

Live Oct 18, 2018

Kendra E. Thornbury

Wealthy Goddess: Create freedom and wealth on your own terms!

Live Oct 19, 2018

Nigel Henry

Founder of Change Angel Activation™ providing practices that fulfill your life purpose.

Live Oct 20, 2018

Nidhi Doshi

Co-Founder of PayBee
Working to multiply their impact by empowering nonprofits.

Live Oct 21, 2018

Ben Saltzman

The Enneagram Guy
Transformation that assists you in your world-changing impact.

Live Oct 22, 2018

Anna S. Choi

Founder of Social Impact TV contributing to a new normal economy integrating people, planet, profit and purpose.

Live Oct 23, 2018

Lynette Davis

Inner Superheroine Activator helps us manage our mental health as we change the world.

Live Oct 24, 2018

C.J. Hayden

Author of Get Clients Now inspires business owners to contribute to social change.

Live October 25, 2018