Hosted by Julia Stege, the Magical Marketer

Oct 2018

Overcome your resistance to being seen.
Get your message out to a global audience.
Create powerful results in the world.

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The Presenters

Julia Stege

The Magical Marketer

Rich German

Founder of Project O

Shaun Frankson

Co-Founder of Plastic Bank

Nancy Marmolejo

What is your Deep GeniusTM?

Baeth Davis

Palm Pilot for Your SoulTM

Kendra E. Thornbury

The Medicine of MoneyTM

Nigel Henry

Change Angel ActivationTM

Nidhi Doshi

Co-Founder of

Ben Saltzman

Enneagram Transformations for World Changers

Anna S. Choi

Social Impact TV

Lynette Davis

Mental Health for Change-Makers

C.J. Hayden

Creating Change through Business