Julia Stege

Julia Stege is founder of Magical Marketing Company, sponsor of the Changing the World Summit. Her forte is helping spiritual business women and conscious entrepreneurs to attract their Soul Tribe online. Since 1997hundreds of clients united in their desire to show up authentically in their marketing have showcased their unique gifts through wildly attractive websites that serve as magnets for leads, clients, and difference-making opportunities. The Changing the World Summit is Julia’s brainchild and her dream is to uplift and inspire millions of people to transform the world. To that end, Julia has interviewed 12 change-makers currently changing paradigms in our world. Learn more about Julia at https://www.magical-marketing.com

Julia is interviewed by: Harriet Tubman Wright, MS, MA, is a Soul’s Calling Activist, Speaker/Storyteller, Published Author/Poet, Person-Centered Expressive Arts Facilitator and Metaphysician. Harriet leads mature women professionals and solopreneurs to live their utmost Soul Expression and Contribution with spiritual practices and creativity tools to galvanize those they serve, transform businesses, workplaces, communities and help heal the world. Learn more about Harriet at http://www.thewrightresort.com

Julia’s Contribution to the fundraiser

When you donate $197 or more to our plastic removal project you will receive the Changing the World Toolkit, including Julia’s contribution:

TITLE: Branding from the Heart Virtual Intensive with Authentic Brand Messaging Live Online Training 
VALUE: $997

Learn a new revolutionary paradigm for marketing that comes from the heart and authentically portrays your mission. With this program you will learn the steps to identifying, attracting and engaging your ideal audience…your true Soul Tribe. Includes a special Brand Messaging Live Online Training in December 2018.